Privacy improvements in iOS8

June 10, 2014
Apple is introducing a number of privacy-protection enhancements in it's upcoming mobile device operating system.  The most notably is perhaps the use of random MAC addresses when scanning for WiFi networks, which previously could have been used to uniquely track a device.  Advertisers have proposed using such systems to offer targeted advertising by tracking a user throughout a mall for example.  Visit the lingerie store, and sexy underwear ads follow you around for the rest of your visit!

I know traffic systems such as BlueTOAD already monitor Bluetooth MAC addresses of passing automobiles to measure traffic speed and travel times, I wonder if anyone uses WiFi signals in a similar manner or if Bluetooth tracking will be used for the next wave of intrusive advertising instead of WiFi?

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MAC address randomization joins Apple’s heap of iOS 8 privacy improvements
With consumers growing more conscious about protecting their privacy, Apple has begun tackle the issue head on with numerous enhancements to its next-generation mobile operating system including a new feature that makes it more difficult to track and identify individual iOS devices.

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