Comcast wants to share your WiFi

June 10, 2014
Comcast has been slowly enabling public WiFi access in their home routers across the country, allowing other users to connect to the internet via your service if you have one of the new routers that support it.  This month (starting this week) it's being turned on in Houston.

The public network will be segregated so they won't have access to your private network, at least until someone finds a way to get through that protection.  Also, Comcast stated public users connecting to your router will not interfere with your network speeds, and only 5 public users can connect at a time.  This is great news for your freeloading neighbor, and potentially even better news for the neighborhood script kiddie who will no doubt wander around looking for a vulnerability that will give him access to things he shouldn't see.

It sounds like a nice idea and all, but I'm not sure I would want this enabled on my home device.  Luckily, users were sent a letter prior to enabling it and will receive an email after it is turned on.  Users will also have the option to disable the service through their online account or by calling customer service.  Additionally, if you use a separate wireless router and disable the wireless functions on their device, it will supposedly disable the public WiFi option as well.

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