Ransomware on the rise

June 6, 2014
These "Ransomware" attacks will render all the files on your hard drive(s) and accessible network storage useless.  The typical infection will state, that for a fee, your files will be decrypted so you can access them again – but chances of that happening successfully are unlikely.  Plus they are actively being reported and shut down so the contact information may no longer be valid by the time you send them the ransom.

If you're not sure about the legitimacy of an email, especially if it's asking you to open an attachment, please take the time to verify it before putting your computer and data at risk. 

Additionally, keep your OS and software up to date and be careful visiting unknown or untrusted websites.  Malware can be installed by simply visiting a dangerous website if your software is out of date.  Make sure your computer and software are being updated to the latest versions/patches whenever possible. (XP no longer provides operating system updates, but other software installed may still have updates available.)  In specific: Java, Flash, and Silverlight vulnerabilities may be exploited to install the same Ransomware distributed by email, and without your knowledge.


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This post was co-authored by Levi Gundert with contributions from Emmanuel Tacheau and Joel Esler. In the last month we have observed high levels of traffic


One Response to Ransomware on the rise

  1. Joshua Larkin on June 6, 2014 at 8:33 pm

    In summary:
    •NoScript is your friend
    •keep your system up to date
    •make incremental backups on a drive not normally mounted
    •don't be an idiot

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