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June 8, 2013

Reshared post from +Carter Gibson is live! Make a big impact to little charities
Check it out and donate now here:

The time has finally come! is live and open for business! We're featuring three amazing #LGBT  organizations this month on a site that I know you'll love. Go read their stories, donate to create a big fund together, and then vote on which organization you think is most deserving of the fund. The one with the most votes receives the fund and you make a huge impact with only a few bucks. Crowdfunding and storytelling mix to enable charitable passions.

We've vetted these nonprofits, worked with them directly to tell their story, and will return a story back to you, our donors, with how the organization who received the fund used it. Your reward is knowing that you made a difference, not a tote bag. We facilitate the process. It's up to you to participate. 

Help us get the word out!
Today's a really important day for us. We want LittleBigFund to blow people away when they hear about how much we raised this weekend. We rely on you guys for that! This whole process is all about you. Whatever sharing and hashtagging of #LittleBigFund  you can do (especially if you can't donate) will really pay off!

What's the LittleBigFund all about?
Read our launch press release here: not yet optimized for mobile. We know. We're working on it ;)

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