USPS has one of the worst shipment tracking systems of any big-name commercial shipping…

November 21, 2012
USPS has one of the worst shipment tracking systems of any big-name commercial shipping carrier I've used.

With any other company, you receive an email from the shipper saying your order has shipped along with a tracking number, and sometimes it is a day later before that tracking number starts showing details but there are details… i.e. Shipment information received, package picked up from shipper, package arrived at local sorting facility in wherever, state.

You can regularly check the tracking page to follow the progress of your package along it's route, up to and including delivery in almost real-time. i.e. 4:30am Left sorting facility for delivery, 9:50am Accepted at destination, signed for by JOHNSON

With USPS, it's a much different story.  You get your email from the shipper saying it's been shipped along with the tracking number.  4 or 5 days later the tracking website finally states they've received the shipment information.  Out of the blue one day, your package arrives (note, the website still just says they've received the information about the package and perhaps something like "Acceptance" meaning it arrived at a USPS facility and for all anyone else knows, it's sitting on the floor somewhere waiting for the mailman to pick it up)  

Another day or 4 later, the tracking information will suddenly appear and usually has nothing more than out for delivery and delivered.

So, why does USPS even bother?  It was something everyone else was doing and they wanted to claim they offered it too… After all, their business is in such peril from email and the internet that they need to actually step up their game to compete now right?  Way to not even get close, USPS.  #FAIL  

USPS – The United States Postal Service (U.S. Postal Service)
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