Sweet dog, looking for a home and new beginnings (Houston, Tx)

March 22, 2012


My name is Missy. I don't really know what type of dog I am, but they call me a mutt. I'm about 5 years old, super sweet, and very friendly. I currently live in Northern California, where my owner took me in off the street and took care of me and my litter of puppies a few years ago. Her dog, Buddy and I get along great… well, he's kind of obnoxious sometimes and always gets his way actually. But that's okay, I can eat all his food while he's sleeping!

I like it here, but my owner is moving to Houston Texas in April and so far nobody here wants another dog which means I am coming along too. Since my owner is moving into an apartment, she can't keep both dogs so I will be staying with friends when I get there. They've already got me scheduled for a full checkup and I will be getting spayed, whatever that is. They aren't asking for help paying my vet bills to get me up to date, just someone to give me a happy home.

If you or someone you know lives near Houston, Texas and are looking for a new family member please let my people know! I really want someone to love me and give me the attention I deserve. I will get along with kids and other dogs just fine, but if you want me all to yourself that's just fine too…

Thanks for checking out this page, and please share it with everyone you know! Maybe someone will be looking for a pet just like me.

To get more information, you can leave Kris a voicemail at 281-644-0065 Or contact him via Google+ if you have an account. :)

Love & Kisses,
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