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January 13, 2012

Long ago, I used to deal with random people wanting to chat with me via Yahoo, MSN and other services. It was almost always a female or cutesy sounding name, and if I ever accidentally allowed the request, and/or my curiosity got the best of me, it was usually SPAM of some sort from a zombie/bot account usually advertising a porn site or similar…

Now, after years of peace and quiet on Google Chat it has begun… The zompocalypse is coming!

If, by some chance this is you and it's a legitimate chat request then I'm sorry but I don't know you or this email address. If I do, you should have warned me to look for a random/strange a-o-hell email address!

It would be nice to preview more information about this random person before choosing yes or no. At the least Google could share some of that secret search history they've no doubt collected. It might give me a clue whether or not I would want to chat with them. Jus' sayin'!

#SPAM #Zombies

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