Movie Theaters Suck

December 29, 2011

Just once, I'd like to go out to see a movie with the following conditions:

1. Tickets to get in shouldn't cost more than $5, especially during non-peak hours. (i.e. 9am on a weekend) Anything above $10 is just ridiculous.

2. Concessions shouldn't be marked up 500%, even if they are super-duper-mega-sized. I don't want to pay more for my drink and popcorn than I did to get into the theater, even if it is enough for 5 people.

3. Cell phone silencing is mandatory to get in, and any required use during a movie (phone call, texting, or checking voicemail) should be preceded by the considerate movie-goer exiting the theater so the rest of us can enjoy the movie. I'm not going to ask that cell-phones be banished, because even I am frequently in a situation that I need to be reachable 24×7 for urgent issues. But I am courteous enough to quietly exit the theater if I need to take phone call.

4. No talking, period. I don't care if you're talking about or to the movie, or if you're asking/informing someone else what just happened. We're all there with you, we know what's going on because we're paying attention. Your commentary isn't adding anything to the situation.

5. Others around me should have respect for everyone else. No throwing candy, kicking or propping your feet up on the seat in front of you.

6. If your baby/child isn't old enough to understand all of the previous rules, or is not obedient enough to follow said rules you should not bring them.

7. No complaints about not being able to get a baby sitter for your 5 year old either. You've had 5 year to teach your kid obedience and respect, it's your own fault you have to stay at home with the little brat screaming in your face instead of sharing your torture with the rest of us.

8. Those who consider it rude for me to tell them to turn off their phone, stop talking, or remove their screaming baby, or disruptive child should not be allowed in to begin with. Or they should at least be willing to cover the cost of my ticket, and concessions, plus ticket and concessions for me to come back and see the movie again later along with gas money.

Yes, I sound like a crotchety old man but back in my day… I'll not bore you with the details, you've probably already ignored most of this post.

TL;DR – Movie prices are too high, concession prices are too high, and the general public is too rude to allow me an enjoyable movie-going experience.

On a brighter note, I could just forgo the whole movie theater experience for a year and probably have saved enough money to finally get my media room finished at home so I can have a pleasant big-screen movie experience without all the worries and frustrations! And I don't even go to the movies that often either.

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