I've never played FarmVille

December 16, 2011

But I did purchase stock in $ZNGA when they were offered this morning. Why? Because they have a much wider reach than just the barren farmlands of the interwebs. Probably the most notable second to the popular Farmville game made popular by Facebook users, is their "Hanging" line of games including "hanging with friends" among others.After their fame on Facebook, they're games have become popular on a wide variety of platforms. They even have games on Google+! You can find their games on MySpace, and Yahoo too. Their mobile offerings include iPhone, iPad and Android devices.I'm saying all this to make a simple point. Forget all this hype over the Zynga/Facebook connection and how if one does bad it will bring down the other. I think if played (pun intended) correctly, Zynga can easily stand on it's own and move up.The fact that Zynga did "pop" on the first day is actually hopeful to me, that they will have a stable and steady rise instead of jerking around all over the place like some do.Here's hoping anyhow.#Tech #Stocks

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Zynga IPO fails to generate stock market 'pop' on disappointing debut
Shares lose momentum after initial surge, as games firm behind Words with Friends goes public on Nasdaq stock exchange

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