"What do you want for Christmas?*

December 15, 2011

I never know what to say or how to answer. I really don't need anything, and there's nothing on my mind that pops up when asked on the spot. I'm always running across things that I think would be nice to have, but my money has other priorities right now so it really doesn't cross my mind a second time.

Seeing people on Google+ talk about +Secret Santa and using Amazon Wish lists got me thinking. So I've added a few things to a Christmas Wish List so I'll have a place to send people who ask from now on.

(And it might not hurt to get on the secret santa list either!)

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Amazon.com: Kristopher Jordy: Christmas Wishlist
Amazon.com Universal Wishlist for Kristopher Jordy from Houston, Tx. I like unique/odd things, right now I'm on a clock kick.

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