Let's screw them all!

December 9, 2011

Why should companies blacklist stolen phones? There's more money in it for them if they don't by providing phone service to the thief on the stolen phone and a phone hardware purchase for the victim. By blacklisting a stolen phone and preventing it from being used, they discourage the theft to begin with and that's bad for their bottom line.

They screw us over all the time because they know this society can't live without them. Reminds me of the gas companies reporting record profits during a time of high gas prices. Why return prices to their former levels when they've proven we'll pay more for it?

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U.S. Phone Companies Can Keep You Safe from Thieves – So Why Don’t They?
Lately we’ve been hearing a lot about people being mugged for their smartphones or simply getting them snatched mid-conversation with Uncle Jack. These pricey phones can cost over $500 without a contract, so they make perfect targets for thieves.
However, phone snatching isn’t as widespread around the world as it is in the United States. For example, in Australia a stolen phone is about as useful as a PDA or the equivalent of an iPod Touch. Each phone has its own unique serial number, and onc…

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