Unreasonable Demands

November 20, 2011

As always, reading comments and reviews can be entertaining. But at the same time, perplexing. Some peoples understanding of a situation is sorely lacking, and others have a hard time expressing their feelings.

Case and point: A certain smartphone app that connects to your car and allows you to arm or disarm the alarm, lock or unlock the doors, etc. Common sense would say that there has to be more to it than just the free download in the app store, and in the description it states what the app does, and what additional part(s) are required to perform all the functions.

Clicking the link through to their website to read more about it you will find a questions and answers section that lets you know that it relies on an internet connection (3G or Wifi) to your phone and that your car must be within range of a GSM signal. This clearly means that your phone has to connect to the internet to send a signal and your car has to also connect via GSM to receive commands. Again, common sense would say that this may take some time.

Why then would someone leave a poor review of the (*free*) app with the following comment?

This is a crime. If the app isn't functional fully for a nearly 350 dollar part it shouldn't even be in the app store. Takes forever to just unlock and lock the car even standing 4 inches from it. My biggest gripe is that it usually doesn't even work at all.

1. It was free, your argument is invalid.
2. Read the description of the app, you'd know it requires an additional component.
3. Why would being 4 inches from it make it go faster? Is that the same rationality that makes the elevator come faster by repeatedly hitting the button?
4. Given your track record so far, it probably doesn't work for you because you're an idiot.

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