Before Bacon

November 2, 2011

A lot of times, my "cooking" is mostly experimentation. And mostly because I'm missing ingredients and too lazy to go out and get them. This started from a young age when I was on my own, hungry, and out of cash. My choices for dinner were whatever I could throw together from the fridge and pantry, and you know how well-stocked a single young persons pantry is. So this mentality of "Surely I can make something out of all this" has stuck with me to this day.

But, with experimentation comes failure. Lots of it. Unfortunately, I've still not been able to live down one of my first failures so I reluctantly use it as a (rather painful) personal lesson and reminder. If you plan to share your culinary experimentations, make sure it sounds okay, not just looks and tastes okay.

While the "dish" I made tasted fine, I chose to refer to it by the ingredients which apparently made for a perfect joke at my expense. If I had simply called it a "pasta dish" and later explained what was in it upon request, maybe it wouldn't have been so bad. There are lots of recipes containing the two major ingredients I used, some similar to the one I "created" that fateful day. But what will be remembered is the odd sound of the name based upon it's ingredients.

What was the horrible disaster of a dish I created, you ask?

My partner and I had finally just moved into our first apartment together after dating well over a year, so this had to have been at least 10 years ago. Both of us had only ever lived at home with parents or with roommates or college dorm mates. The kitchen was it's usual bare, except for my staple of pasta along with some sauce mixes and cans of stuff because that's what my Grandma always had around, so I felt weird not having them in the kitchen. Besides, they last a long time.

I knew it would have to be a pasta dish, since I had nothing else to base a meal on but I had nothing else to go with it. No vegetables, chicken, or even bread. Going through the cabinet I decided on a can of peaches. I thought they were sweet but not too strong, and along with a cream sauce would compliment the dish without overpowering it. Well, when asked what I had made I blurted out "Peaches and Pasta!" Apparently this struck a chord, and to this day he likes to tell people this story whenever the opportunity arises. Especially if on the topic of me cooking for anyone else.

But, in all fairness – this was the age of experimentation, of trying new things… Of boldly going where nobody's gone before!

Plus, it was before the entire world discovered how well bacon goes with anything.

So, will you be brave enough to fess up and admit your worst cooking disaster? Tell me what cooking faux pas you've been unable to live down!

Please share, so I don't feel so bad!

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Caramelized Peach and Bacon Pasta – The Duo Dishes
At our cocktail party after the beach seafood boil a couple weeks ago, we wanted to have an easy dish to serve up to our guests. You may be wondering

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One Response to Before Bacon

  1. johnny khaos on November 2, 2011 at 2:44 am

    um I wanted to make a healthier chicken parmesan. noodles- perfect. chicken, fresh, breaded, and ready for… baking. crust never browned. chocked stayed in oven for roughly 1 hour!!! when I pulled it out AND served it, it was very, very……

    well lets just say it would have been easier to clit with a chainsaw rather than a steak knife.

    did I mention the pasta was good???

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