Cell networks and Wifi

October 29, 2011

I'm finding myself spending more time in locations that have no cell coverage. Namely basements and/or datacenters with weak to no signal and too much interference. I've found the iMessage capabilities of the latest iPhone OS has allowed me to receive text messages in locations where I previously couldn't. (unfortunately only when sent from another iOS 5 device) I have also been relying on my VoIP app to place and receive phone calls when in such areas because I can almost always get a WiFi signal.

This started me thinking. With free WiFi available in more and more establishments and public WiFi in some cities and public spaces, what do you think is the future of mobile communications? Will cell-phone companies change with the times and move to a more universal service that doesn't rely purely on cell signals or will they go the way of the USPS in a digital communications age?

Now is the time to be innovative and re-invent yourself for the future, not nickel-and-dime your customers to keep profits up. If you're only coming up with gimmicky things to charge your customers for, you're doing something wrong and you will lose the race.

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