OWS In a Nutshell

October 26, 2011

Someone was once fed up with corruption and greed in corporate America. They had a really good idea to spread the word and bring the seriousness of the situation into the public eye.

The freeloaders caught wind and took over the platform for their own obliviot purposes… Nobody remembers what they were there for originally or what the underlying problem was, and still is.

See the video linked below, but my take – in a nutshell:

99%: You make more money than us, we want you to share.

1%: Why should I share my hard earned money with you?

99%: You should pay your fair share of taxes.

1%: I already pay a higher percentage of taxes than you do, what is a fair share?

99%: We need to do away with the "Bush tax cuts"

1%: Then I would be paying more taxes than I already am, and I'm already paying a higher percentage than you.

99%: Get rid of the unfair "Bush tax cuts"

1%: I am in business for myself, not you. If I had to pay more taxes, it might not be worth it to me to continue my business. Then I would have customers without the services they need and employees without a job, How does that help anyone?

99%: You should spread your wealth and share your success.

1%: You probably pay 15-25% maybe even 28% while 35% of my income goes to taxes. I worked hard to get where I am, and I do share by providing a needed service to my clients and jobs to my employees. What have you done that I should share with you?

99% Uhmm…

1%: I thought so.

Whatever happened to the original agenda of flushing out corporate greed and corruption?

"This is why we can't have nice things."

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