My front lawn is holy, and leaks

October 26, 2011

Countless hours of digging and searching have yielded no clue as to why my front lawn has been leaking into the street for months. It wasn't very obvious at first, probably because the heat was drying it out. The leak is very minuscule, but the constant flow (dripping?) of water into the yard has saturated the ground over time. That, along with the cooler days lately, and possibly because the leak is getting worse we've noticed water on the sidewalk and draining down the street more.

Now, there are gaping holes dug on either side of the sidewalk, and a tunnel underneath along with a few other holes in the yard where the plumbers have been searching for the culprit. Along the way, they discovered a second leak at the water meter and after fixing it discovered a third at the cut-off valve before the meter which is the County's responsibility. Since there's no apparent water usage visible on the meter itself, our only conclusion is either the leak is on their end before our meter, has somehow miraculously fixed itself or isn't using enough water to cost us anything worth tearing up the entire front yard.

The yard remains full of holes with piles of dirt and plugs of grass strewn about (as you can see in the picture) until the MUD (Municipal Utility District) can come check and fix the leak at the meter. Hopefully, while they are out here they will also determine the other leak is on their end and we can pay the plumber for several days work in the hot sun.

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