iPhone 4S Supports Both GPS And GLONASS

October 19, 2011

Apple has updated their specs on the 4S, now stating that it also supports Globalnaya navigatsionnaya sputnikovaya sistema or Global Navigation Satellite System.According to Wikipedia, GLONASS is "…a radio-based satellite navigation system operated for the Russian government by the Russian Space Forces. It is an alternative and complement to the United States' Global Positioning System (GPS), the Chinese Compass navigation system and the planned Galileo positioning system of the European Union."Tags: #geek #tech #mobile #iphone #apple #gps

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iPhone 4S Supports Both GPS And GLONASS
MacRumors have just discovered that Apple has updated the tech specs page of iPhone 4S to note that the new iPhone offers not only assisted GPS but also GLONASS. According to Wikipedia,¬†GLONASS acrony…

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